Luggage and Lemons: The Origin Story

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Luggage and Lemons!

We are Meghan and Morgan and this is just a little intro of how we met, and why we are starting this travel blog! We originally met in Dublin, Ireland during our study abroad journey and we have been inseparable ever since! So, you may be curious as to why our blog name is Luggage and Lemons. Well, on my (Morgan)  21st birthday, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, we decided to make a dare list of sorts for me to accomplish through the night.  We pre-gamed with some Jelzen Vodka (cringes) and Cards Against Humanity. When the time came, Meghan and I (along with our study abroad friends)  piled on to the Dublin Bus and headed for Camden Street. The goal of the night? To stop at every bar on the infamous street until the dare list was complete. First stop: Hogan’s. To get the night going, we started to cross off some of the simple things on the bucket list; some of which were a mystery shot, picture with a bouncer, and kissing a bald mans head, who in turn, honked me (read: grabbed my boob). The mystery shot was licorice and tasted what I’d imagine the bottom of a dirty sewer tastes like. Following up that wonderful experience was The Long Haul. This pub had kind of an older crowd, think beer after work people, but none the less a man got the entire pub to sing me Happy Birthday AND made a toast in my honor. Up next was The Capital, where we lost most of our group due to age (common misconception about Ireland!). Meghan, our friend Lauren, and I forged on, where we crossed off prom-style pictures, and introducing myself as the “birthday bitch”.  Now this is where things get wild, blurry, and weird.

On our way to the next bar, we lost our only other companion, and it was left to Meghan and me. At this point, we were both pretty well off, and I had to pee. We stopped in The Swan Bar for the sole purpose of a bathroom break, but I did get to introduce myself to a few more people, getting a few more tallies for my list. On the way out, I said “well, that was easy peewee, lemon squeewee.” with such confidence that, that could only be the right way to say it.  Meghan started cackling and said, “pull over and give me the list.” and it was forever engraved in our memories. After that, we went to Flannery’s (the go-to bar), where I got my lap dance from a really hot New Zealand rugby player. To finish the night, we closed down Copper Face Jack’s, dancing the night away and solidifying our friendship. So here we are, over a year later, wanting to help other people have the same experiences and make some memories along the way (dare list and boob honking *may be* included).

Why are we different from other blogs? We understand the desire to travel and to not be able to afford some fancy vacation.  We are writing from the perspective of two broke college girls who want to make the best out of life without spending a ton of money! Here you will find travel tips and hacks, our best recommendations, and a little glimpse of our crazy, wonderful life! Happy reading!

We tried to make an ~about us~ video but all we ended up with was this. If you’re having a bad day, it’s a 3 minute video of us making total fools of ourselves. Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “Luggage and Lemons: The Origin Story

  1. Sydney says:

    Omg!! Morgan’s birthday night sounds incredibly wild and fun! I love your girls’ perspectives already and look forward to the traveling tips!

  2. JIll says:

    I definitely fall into the category of wanting to travel and don’t have the money. lol. It’s so fun to work with your friends!!! Get it girls!

  3. Mallory says:

    I’ve always wondered how much money I Could make if I sold everything I owned and just traveled. Waited to long cause now I have a hubby and kids!! I’ll save it for when the babies are grown and just travel the world!!!

  4. Suz tam says:

    Yes, ladies!! I work full time but try to travel as much as possible and save so that I can go to as many destinations as I can. I can’t wait to read more.

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